The Magnificent Motoring History of Cars

A car is a dream running on wheels of ambition.


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It is nearly impossible to truly mark the era of car invention as they have been in use since the invention of wheels and motor but we can say that Modern cars came into existence during the 20th century, cars that ran via fuel source and motor. The year was 1886 and the man was Karl Benz who introduced cars to the world. 

His first car patent was named Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Soon enough the idea of car travelling took a troll in people’s mind. Competing with the increasing demands of cars, their mass production was started. The pioneer of mass production of motorcars was an American car manufacturer Henry Ford, which we are sure that everyone is familiar with. This revolution by the Ford Motor Company quickly replaced the animal-drawn vehicles.

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This major transformation of cars was already marked in the history of insubordinations. People started having a specific taste in the cars too. This made the car manufacturers develop a variety in the composition of motors. They started innovating the fuel efficiency and augmenting the motor and engine. Momentous cars were launched with time. People were in a saddle to spend a fortune after their favourite cars. Cars became a necessity for people in no time. 

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Looking back and remembering the most iconic cars in the history of motor we have tried to highlight a few of the most astonishing ones:

1. 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic:
One of its kind cars was a mere sensation. The elongated hood made this car stand out than the other cars in the industry. It was perfect a blend of power and elegance.

2. 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato:
Breaking the barrier of infamous Aston Martin cars, this model made a breakthrough for the company. The pouring hood and bid grilles were the outlines of this car.

3. Ford GT40:
Ford, competing with the Ferrari introduced this car and surprisingly it made way into the top of the chart is the only American built a car by the country.

4. BMW M1:
This car came into existence when two well-known car manufacturers; BMW and Lamborghini partnered up. Even today the tag M1 is considered angelic.

5. AC Shelby Cobra:
A British sports car commonly named as the Monster became triumphant in the field of sports cars.

6. Acura NSX: 
Introduced to the people in the year 1990, it was the pioneer of cars having the most advanced technologies. Because of its affordable price in the industry, it was even called the poor man’s Ferrari.


To be honest, it is never enough when it comes to recalling the motoring history of cars. With time, the memories tend to fade, but cars cannot be forgotten, right? Stay connected to know more about cars soon.